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History And Background

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Radha Krishna Deaf Association is focused on raising awareness of Krishna consciousness for deaf devotees. We encourage deaf people to lead a spiritual life by being involved in festivals, events and workshops organised by us.

The thought of creating a deaf group for Krishna devotees originated when a devotee asked realised due to his deafness he faced problems when communitcating with hearing peoeple. He found the answers to his questions in “Bhagavad Gita” and he decided to share his knowledge with other deaf friends.

Radha Krishna Deaf Association... Through Years

You can read more about us by going through individual tabs below to see how Radha Krishna Deaf Association began originally, different activities we have been involved in and ideas we hold for the future.

How It All Started In 1978

Radha Krishna People Deaf Association started in 1978 when Dinesh asked himself “why am I deaf?” And thought of the problems he faced communicating with hearing people.

His brother (Mahesh) gave him book called “Bhagavad Gita – As It Is” where Dinesh found answers to his questions. Having been fully satisfied from the knowledge he gained from the book, he wanted to share this with other deaf friends. In the following 2 years Dinesh started attending Bhagavad Gita classes at Hare Krishna temple called ‘Bhaktivedanta Manor’ in Watford.

The Group Was Formed In 1980

Dinesh decided to form a deaf group called “Signs unto Krishna” with friends and other hearing devotees who had sign language skills. The aim of this group was to create a better access for deaf people who are interested in learning Krishna consciousness and get a better understanding of who they are and purpose of this life.

The group was a huge success as for the next 20 years they participated in temple activities and attended many festivals. According to Dinesh “this was difficult but at the same time very enjoyable.”

Arrival Of RKDA In 2000

Having seen the success of deaf group, Dinesh decided to give the group an official name and open this idea to deaf devotees all over the world. He wrote a letter to Guru Maharaja (spiritual teacher) and Maharaja gave them the name “Radha Krisha Deaf People Association”.

With his blessing RKDA has expanded even further and have been able to provide wonderful activities for deaf devotees in form of lectures, dramas, travelling to other countries, deaf projects and many others.

Celebration Of 10 Years In 2010

Last year the group celebrated their 10 year anniversary at the Diwali Party which was organised in Harrow. The event attracted 200 deaf devotees, councillors and mayors.

2011 And The Future

This year we are looking to expand even further and involve our members into range of activities. And we invite you to come along to RKDA events to meet new people, share experiences and much much more.